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Buying a house is a wonderful investment. It will no doubt be one of the biggest personal and financial decisions that you will ever undertake. Consequently, if you are not prepared, it can also quickly become overwhelming. Knowing what to expect and being ready to act fast can make all the difference when trying to find your dream home.

A pre-purchase home inspection will help uncover potential future problems and reveal current issues that you can’t see with an untrained eye. We detect the flaws of a home that are not easily recognizable and help you process and assess the true condition and value of a home. With our expertise, you will gain the knowledge needed to help you decide to buy or to move on to a better deal.

  • Gives peace of mind
  • Enlightens the value of the house
  • Is education about a house
  • Helps answer any concerns
  • Important financial investment

GreenLightInspections IconPageDark 230x140 150x140Pre-Listing Home Inspection for Home Sellers

Sellers who have their homes inspected before putting their houses on the market have a greater chance of selling their home quickly and closer to asking price. Waiting to inspect your home until a buyer shows interest may reveal issues that can lower the overall value of your home and even cause harm to the deal.

A pre-listing home inspection can reveal both minor and major issues before it’s time to close a deal. You then have the choice to repair the problems while the home is on the market, increasing the overall value of your home. We assess the true condition of your home and provide you with the necessary knowledge to keep your costs low and the process of selling your home on track.

  • Will reveal issues that can affect the value of your home
  • Will give you confidence your home will sell
  • Will show you care about the buyer
  • Will give you time to address any issues before market

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As a Realtor, Broker or Banker, your mission is to help clients purchase or sell a home, at the fairest and best price possible. Having a relationship with a knowledgeable, reliable and thorough home inspector can provide you and your clients with essential information needed to make sound and valuable decisions.

We are committed to providing you with the means to make your job of buying or selling real estate as easy as possible. Our residential and commercial property inspections are comprehensive and thorough. Our findings are presented fast, in an easy to read electronic report. Every report includes color photos, itemized deficiencies, and corrective actions.

  • Get the facts – Know the issues
  • Expert data for your files – Digital or Paper Reports
  • Show your clients you are checking their investment